What is XS Malarkey?

Bar XS - cheap beer, top laughs. XS Malarkey is the new name of Manchester's cheapest and best comedy club, Murphy's Malarkey. The comedy night was shifted from Scruffy Murphy's to Bar XS on the 25th September 2001 after the brewery (Bass) withdrew funding for the night. Luckily we found a few venue (Bar XS) so the night can still go ahead, whilst STILL being the best value for money - probably in the country!

Bar XS can be found right next door to Sainsbury's in Fallowfield, the comedy usually kicks off somewhere between 8:30pm and 9pm, so get there early to get a seat! The comedy usually finishes around 11pm - 11:20pm (ish) but Bar XS has a license until midnight, so time for one more pint - hooray!

What's the damage, guvnor?

Two measly quid. Entrance is just 2 if you're a member, or 4 if you're a non-member. Membership is 6 - meaning that if you join up the first time you come to XS Malarkey you'll break even the second time, and save two quid the third time! And membership lasts for life, too!

I'm an alcoholic,
what's in it for me?

Mmm... lovely! The pub will have plenty of drinks promotions, and the beer is cheap anyway! And also the bar has a 2am license, so plenty of time to get wellied.

What about the comedy?

It usually kicks off around 8:30pm (or thereabouts, depending on the number of acts) and there's usually between four and five acts (although there have been more on occasion - value for money!) If you're easily offended by words such as FUCK, SHIT, HELMET, BOTTY, SPUNK or PORTILLO then go and book tickets for Joe Pasquale. Otherwise you'll love it.

Sounds good. Remind me again,
when does it all happen?

Every Tuesday, from 8:30pm onwards at Bar XS - be there!