Yes, it's the section of the XS Malarkey website where you get to ask your suave and debonaire compere Toby Hadoke questions on anything and everything, from agony uncle-type questions to why one of his favourite swear words is spunk...

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Here are the questions we've had so far, with the newest ones appearing at the top of the list...

Who would you least like to get into a fight with? (from Phil)

I'd least like to get into a fight with Osama Bin Laden. I don't think he'd be very sporting. In fact, I was moved by how the West condemned his attacks on the World Trade Centre as cowardly then showed how civilised people fight - by standing back and lobbing cruise missiles and saying, "Well, yes, innocent civilians may be killed, but let's face it, they're foreign civilians... and brown foreign civilians to boot."

Who would you most like to get into a fight with? (from Phil)

Stephen Hawking - I night just win.

As you are a sex god, can you give us mere mortals any tips? (from Lee)

Hypnotism, chloroform or prentending to have three months to live all work a treat.

Breasts, bum or legs? (from Phil)

I think the ideal woman needs all three.

What would you say to George Bush right now? (from Lee)

Hello Mr Bush - I do so hope the world stands shoulder to shoulder with you as you have asked... in just the same way you stood shoulder to shoulder with us on The Kyoto Agreement and Star Wars. You cunt.

Marshmallows or Bovril? (from Phil)

Marshmallow toasted on an open fire with hot chocolate is a definite treat. Bovril on the other hand, is the scrapings from the back passage of a cow with a particularly unhealthy diet. I'd rather eat camel smegma.

If you were to be reincarnated as any animal, what would it be? (from Phil)

A camel, with tasty smegma, personal hygene is no longer an issue when the possibility of a blow-job rears its head (if you'll pardon the expression). It's an old single man's curse - "You only get offered a blow-job when you haven't washed your cock".

If you could be a fly on the wall during any conversation, whose would it be? (from Lee)

I'd have liked to have been there when Thatcher was told she'd been shafted by her colleagues and was about to get the boot. Now, I cry at kids movies, episodes of Holby City and This Is Your Life (even if it's some obscure lifeboatman I've never heard of). But I wouldn't shed a tear for her. Never.

How do you chat up the ladies? (from Lee)

I purse my lips and let sounds form in my vocal chords... these emerge as things called words. Very handy in the chatting up department.