Lyn Rosenthal Jobs a Good 'Un!

Fantastic night last night. Attendance was brilliant! Nice one to everyone for supporting the club.

Well, we kicked off last night with Joey Jackson, with a brief cameo from Posh (AKA the mic stand). Hard to take sexual advice from a man whose "dates are like princesses in that they smell like tuna"!

Next up, Lyn Rosenthal who travelled all the way from the good 'ol US of A. Some of the humour didn't Roland Gent seem to translate too well for us Brits. Must be that stiff upper lip. Lyn was quite happy though when Toby paid her with a big bag of nachos!

The ever-reliable Roland Gent was up next. Roland, the former axe murderer and self confessed user of Just For Men, still parading his bicycling injury, had a fantastic set and only once did he lapse into his alter ego of John Peel. Nice one Roly.

After the break came the brilliant duo, Electric Forecast, which for me, was the highlight of the evening. Electric Forecast A very tight and polished act with some first-class material. Cheers for the chat-up lines lads. Personal favourite being "get your coat luv... and put it over your face."

Following the chips, and cheese and pineapple was the mighty John Bishop. John was a bit shocked by the interior of Bar XS as it is no longer the "piss where you stand" Yates's. He's the first comic we've had that's been heckled by the cartoons! John was a fine finale to a great evening, looking forward to seeing him again.

John Bishop Or at least it would have been, but then there's the joke competition! If anyone else hands that crap joke in about fags in Michael Barrymore's pool they will be subjected to Toby's sticky white love piss! Well done to Tony and Jo for winning the joke competition - AGAIN! Cheers to Sarah for the Piggy cookie jar prize!

See you all next week, it's gonna be a stormer!!