Buffalo Bill Hits Fallowfield.

What a fantastic and bizarre evening it was on the 6th!

First of all I got down at about 7pm to see some of the tables decked out Sal Thomas ready for some posh looking Thai banquet! Which looked very odd to me. You certainly wouldn't have imagined that in Scruffy's!

Then in troop the Proctor & Gamble massive, all looking around as if to say, "Oh, I say! What a quaint little place!" They had no idea what they were in for. As it turned out neither did we...

First up, a Brummie-turned-posh by the name of Sal Thomas. Who tells us that she used to look like Keith Chegwin as a teenager due to steroids. Maggot an' all, apparently! Well time's certainly been very kind on you Sal, 'cos I reckon you're a bit of babe! And what a fantastic set.

Went on first, which is always the hardest part and got they crowd well in the mood. Sal you can come on my hard part anytime!!! [Steady on, son! - Spider]

Moving swiftly on...

Neil Foster Neil Foster up next who kicked off his act with a simulation of an orgy involving a couple of clowns, a seal and a dog. Honk, honk! Great performance from a very young comedian who has a great stage presence and a lot of confidence.

I reckon he was the best open spot we've had for a while and I'm looking forward to seeing him again. Job's a good 'un, Neil.

Third up was Mike Wilkinson who is the self confessed Osama Bin Laden of comedy. Hailing from the pound-shop capital of Europe that is Leigh, Mike had a great set and threw in a lot of office party references for the peeps from P&G.

Mike Wilkinson Have to admit though, I saw Mike at Scruffy's last time he was on and I did recognise a lot of the material. Having said that, it was still funny the second time around!

Chris Lynam... well, where do I start? It's very hard to describe or review Chris's performance, as it was unique to say the least.

Chris Lynam just LOVES chocolate... It is something you have got to experience for yourself! Let's have a look at my notes.. the first note I made went like this: "BIG HAIR - F*CKIN' MAD!!!"

Chris's set went from smashing fruit to magical tricks to throwing frogs and ice into the audience to diving on members of the P&G party and trying to see Nick's foreskin, to sex with a carrier bag and many other acts of depravity and hilarity!

The encore consisted him doing a strip tease, firstly down to a dress and suspenders and then off comes the dress and he was in some lingerie.

...and he loves bags even more. Then he takes off the rest so he is stark bollock naked with his Johnson tucked between his thighs like that bloke in Silence of the Lambs!!


And just when you thought it couldn't get weirder, he shoves a firework up his jacksy and lit it!! Very seasonal!!

It was absolutely hilarious. The entire pub somewhere between disbelief and peeing in their undergarments!

Brilliant, Chris. Strange, but brilliant!

The whole night was fantastic from start to finish, apart from maybe the joke the competition! But you can't expect miracles can you?

Toby did a sterling job and was on top form, and especially sweet with the happy birthdays for Caroline. Special mention to Nick for being the butt of the jokes all night.

It was the most enjoyable night for me since the 4th birthday party. Can't wait to see Robin Ince next week!