"Did you hear the one about the dyslexic aliens?"

Jason Cooke Rammed again on Tuesday. [Kinky! - Spider]

As Tobyís poncing about on the boards of the Royal Exchange for six weeks, the Malarkey tribe are being treated to the inimitable Jason ĎEntertainmentí Cooke as stand-in compere. Do not adjust your sets.

Jasonís magical melodica proved to be not so magical again on Tuesday. It must get stage fright or something, but nevertheless, Jason roused the crowd with a host of new gags and puns culminating in a fantastic Pam Ayres poem. Utter class.

First on the ailing Malarkey stage was David Bloom.

David Bloom David has conflicting interests when it comes to his girlfriend's crack habit. On the one hand as her boyfriend he wants to be supportive and help her give up, on the other hand, as her dealer...

A quality debut from the London comic at Bar XS. The delivery was well timed, and the majority of the material was piss funny. I especially liked the bad pun that he finished his set with, but Iím a sucker for bad puns.

"I played a charity gig the other week. It was at a bird sanctuary. By the end of it I had the audience eating out of my hand."

Patrick Monahan Next up on Tuesday was the fantastic Patrick Monahan. Half Irish, half Iranian, all Geordie comic Patrick immediately had the crowd in stitches with a combination of Tyneside based humour and tales from his familyís roots.

Patrick did a solid fifteen with no dips in the material. It was so funny I almost ate my own leg. Comic of the night for me. [And me. Definitely Man of the Match. - Spider]

After the break it was Mike Tombs who made his XS debut.

Mike Tombs Mikeís observational humour was a hit with the punters at Bar XS.

He perhaps didnít do as well as deserved but there were a few tossers talking near the bar, which didnít help. Overall though, an excellent performance from a talented comedian.

After I missed out on the chips, we were all treated to the likeable Londoner, Simon Clayton.

Simon, who has worked with Eddie Izzard, treated the Malarkey punters to his brand of observational humour and a fair bit of Manchester United bashing. [Which I thought was both justified and funny. - Spider]

Simon Clayton Some of the material was a little familiar in places but still went down well with the newer members of XS Malarkey.

Overall an excellent end to another successful night at the best comedy club in the north.

Jason did an excellent job of filling in for Toby and next week, Justin is stepping in. Which, if he is half as good as he was the last time he compered the Malarkey, we will be in for a blinder.

See you then.