"Like trying to mount a greasy space hopper..."

Rob Hitchmough A comedy marathon on Tuesday so I am going to sprint through the review.

Rob Hitchmough kicked off the evening. Rob’s delivery was confident but a Comedy Q little flat and the material was predictable and uninspiring. The odd gem surfaced but not enough.

Comedy Q filled the open spot. Q nervously delivered some underdeveloped material.

Matthew Osbourn Matthew Osbourne was up third with his tall tales. His unique delivery and quirky material set him aside from the other acts on Tuesday. The satsuma material was great and the Marmite section was genius.

Steve Hall Next up on the Malarkey milk crate was Steve Hall with his pun-tastic jibes at Christopher Reeves, eating disorders and self-harm. Some great material in there and the delivery was confident and clear. The timing was lacking a little and seemed a bit rushed. Nontheless a good debut.

David Bloom After the break the comedy marathon continued with David Bloom. David’s sharp topical observations were delivered in a laid back, well-timed style, although the material was little lacking in places.

Steve Day Britain’s only deaf stand up comic took to the Malarkey stage next, Steve Day. Steve’s manic style compliments his keen observations brilliantly. Steve’s audience interaction routine was fantastic. Unassuming Steve uses his deafness heavily in the set but he is by no means a one-joke man. There is plenty of quality material in there on being deaf or otherwise. Shame it was such a brief set.

Adolph Chip Pan After the break Adolf Chip Pan stepped up for an impromptu performance. The Mancunian wordsmith delivered a fantastic 'Wank Bank' poem with suitable exuberance. Piss funny.

Alfie Joey The comedy marathon finally crossed the finish line with the amenable Geordie lad, Alfie Joey. Alfie’s cheerful combination of tall tales, keen observations, impressions and quality puns were a big hit with Tribe Malarkey. His animated, energetic performance was bang on the money on Tuesday. So good that you could forgive him for the self-indulgent Frank Sinatra number at the end.

Comic of the night has to go to posh lad Matthew Osbourne. Absolutely brilliant. One to watch.