"If you donít cum soon Iím going to set you on fire..."

Ken Bulger Toby kicked off the evening on Tuesday with a routine tailored to the birthday party that was in. Like lambs to the slaughter...

Ken Bulger was first up. With material ranging from beggars, Sesame Street, and dissing the Yanks.

A slightly nervous performance from Ken. He delivered some quirky material in a downbeat manner. The deadpan delivery suffered due to a lack of projection but thatís fairly easily solved. The material was very good; the scouse scally routine was especially effective. A good quality debut from a promising act.

Mark Hayden Next up was Mark Hayden, who struggled to hold the audience's attention with his schoolyard style comedy.

Markís material ranged from wiping the Queen Mumís arse to watching girls on the bog with full sound effects. And just like the Queen Mum, he died a death.

The material came across as both childish and sexist whilst the delivery was animated it couldnít make up for the poor quality gags.

Mary Bourke Likable Little Mo lookalike Mary Bourke was up next, and thankfully delivered a stormer to get the night back on track.

The chubby-chasing Irish lass delivered a brilliant set with style and class. With some clever insights into relationship break up clichťs: "I love you but Iím not in love with you." Which translates as, "I want you, but not inside me."

Maryís commanding yet likable delivery was a big hit on Tuesday. Look out for a much longer set next time.

Susan Vale Local lass and friend of the club Susan Vale was up next.

Susan has written for Radio 4 and her writing skills were prevalent on Tuesday with some very clever gags and one-liners. Tribe Malarkey instantly warmed to her quiet and cheeky delivery.

Brendan Riley treated Tribe Malarkey to his Edinburgh preview show on Tuesday. And what a treat it was.

Brendan Riley Brendan presented a chalkboard menu from which Tuesdayís crowd were able to select the routine of their choice.

The menu items included Manning, World Cup, Parachute, Sub and Bumblebee among others.

This novel approach to the routine cut out the need for tenuous links between the material and gave the crowd an excuse for rowdiness, which added even more energy to an already lively set.

With his very confident, affable delivery Brendan just canít miss. The material is nothing out of the ordinary. Just good quality observations and tall tales. He clearly enjoys himself on stage and the crowd get swept along in his enthusiasm. He should do very well at the Fringe. I for one will make a point of seeing him.

Toby was on fire on Tuesday. Donít get your rhymes wrong for the joke compo or heíll tear you apart. Fantastic to watch but Iím glad I wasnít the poor sap on the receiving end of the Hadokeís wrath!

Toby and pals.

Toby and pals.

A great night on Tuesday brought the Malarkey right back on to form.

See you next week.