The drawbacks of being lazy...

Somehow this review escaped us and I don't think I've got the minidisc recording - or if I have it's buried under mounds of junk in the spare room. So from a vague memory...

Ben Schofield Ben Schofield was first up and did a pretty good job (as he did the first time he played).

Some amusing insights into Bradford life. Was also on TV a few months back on a stand-up competition (forget which one) but as usual the editors fucked about until the act was a shadow of its former self.

Ben Traynor Next up was quietly-spoken Ben Traynor who was probably comic of the night for me.

Ben had some good observational comedy, nice use of props (see photo) and dealt admirably with a pissed-up heckler by making him look totally stupid with the most casual remark. Excellent stuff.

Rob Riley After Ben came Rob Riley who I don't seem to remember much about at all, unfortunately!

That's certainly not to say it was a forgettable act, more that the Stellas were beginning to work for me! Sorry Rob. I've seen him elsewhere and it was a good open spot so I'm sure it was pretty much the same level then.

The Heavily Brothers The Heavily Brothers were next, although they are now known as The Bootleg Mark Chapmans, inspired by a line in a Half Man Half Biscuit song (When the Evening Sun Goes Down).

Some good lines, some not so good, although having seen them since they are improving all the time with some good new material. You can quite often catch them down at the Comedy Balloon.

Toby Foster Toby Foster was the headliner that night, although I missed some of his act due to having to deal with a total cock who tried to come in for free.

Well what can you say about Toby? Goes from strength to strength, great improvisational skills and makes a fantastic compere. There, I've just said it.

Not the best night at Malarkey's but okay. See you next week.