"Inflating a goose with a foot pump and getting it to play Deutchland Über Alles on a harmonica - this is funny!"

Dominic Woodward Dominic Woodward started the night with some new stuff. Or so Toby claimed...

He started off with a bit of audience banter with the students. He didn't have any new material so had to try and make stuff up - which really didn't work out. Sorry, Dom, but the bit about the carpet cleaner seemed to go on and on with no real punchline in sight. He managed to recover a bit with material about the earthquake, though.

Dom has a good stage presence, as he's proved many times before, but needs to work on improvisation skills a bit more.

Scott Tyrrell Next up was an absolute last-minute replacement comic in the form of Phil Jupitus lookalike Scott Tyrrell.

Scott was only in for a pint and agreed to get up. He subsequently did a superb 15 minute set with gags, anecdotes, observations and poetry. Scott's stage presence was clear and confident and I think he'll be back in the near future if Toby has anything to do with it.

Highlight of the set for me was probably the poetry as it was something different for the punters. It was cleverly constructed and the one entitled One Day a Computer Will Work was particularly funny.

A good set which went down very well with the crowd.

Markus Birdman After the break was a comic who stormed the gig last time, Markus Birdman.

Markus had some splendidly sick gags and his humour was just the right type for people who have had a few jars and are getting into the swing of things. He was competent and confident enough for some audience banter as well - my favourite type of comedy.

A great set which had the audience laughing all the way through. The best bits for me were the jokes in French and German (believe it or not).

Steve Harris Headlining was roly-poly local boy Steve Harris who was replaced by Martin Bigpig a couple of weeks earlier as he was in hospital - nice to see him back.

Former City Life Comedian of the Year winner Steve has come a long way since his debut at Murphy's Malarkey, and has some great gags, including some musical numbers - and the boy can move as well.

The only wee criticism was I thought the set was a little short, although we were probably running late as usual. A good, solid set from Steve all round.

See you next week!