Dave Williams Didsbury-based comic Dave Williams was on first and it was an absolute treat for tribe Malarkey from the posh lad.

Comedy Store Best in Stand regular Dave came down to try out some new material and played a blinder. A brilliant ten minutes from a star of the circuit. The material is solid and the delivery is bang on the money.

Journalist Ben Carlish was second on.

Ben Carlish Ben is very new to the circuit and he is writing a book on the experiences of being a stand-up comedian. Ben's twisted observations and tall tales got a good reception at Malarkey.

the material certainly needs a lot of work, and some pruning, but it all promising stuff that with development and stage time, could become a very good act. The delivery is also promising. Very clear despite his obvious nerves. A good debut at Malarkey.

Lou Saffire Lou Saffire - what a comeback gig. I thought Lou was good last time, but he was even better last night. The material is brilliant. A couple of slightly well used pieces but for more part there was more than enough surprises to keep thing interesting. A dominating, yet, amenable presence on the Malarkey stage with great timing and delivery.

The only minor criticism I would have is that Lou seems to occasionally slip into an American/Canadian accent, which is a little off putting. Lou's style of delivery is reminiscent of Glenn Wool and Dennis Leary. Animated, loud and attention grabbing. A truly brilliant performance from a rising star. And the routine about shitting in his girlfriend’s mouth got the mix of repulsion and hilarity that always goes down well at Malarkey!

Russell Howard Russell Howard had another top class performance, and again, even better than the last time he was at the Malarkey.

Punchlines and twists that sneak up you. Tall tales and wry observations delivered with more energy than you can shake a stick, with plenty of audience banter to boot.

Russell can clearly think on his feet and isn't afraid to go off on a tangent. A great performance.

Rob Heeney Rob Heeney, another ball of energy, headlined.

A very amenable comic. The delivery and the enthusiasm Rob has enabled him to give a very solid performance at the Malarkey on Tuesday. The material does have its weak spots but there are more than enough highs. The obvious high being the Dictaphone re-boot disc. I can't describe what he did, as it would ruin the gag for anyone who hasn't seen him yet. Suffice to say it was brilliant. A competent performance.

Toby was on fine form from start too finish. Got the energy up from the word go.

A really solid night at the Malarkey. See you next week.