"My favourite actor is David Niven."

Vic McGlynn Another good night at the Malarkey on Tuesday, and a rather good first gig for someone who, by her own admission, was "shitting herself".

Vic McGlynn was first up, traditionally the most difficult spot, and if the nerves were there they certainly didn't show. The delivery was very confident, the volume and projection on a par with Toby, which is impressive enough in itself.

Luckily Vic had the material to back it up as well with some wry observations coupled with delightful sarcasm. I've since witnessed the phenomenon of combat trousers with high heels which Vic speaks of and I can assure you she's fully justified in taking the piss.

Richie Martin A cracking first ever gig from someone who will do well on the comedy circuit.

Next on came the diminutive Richie Martin.

Richie's material was okay, nothing groundbreaking, but it's his impressions that usually get the biggest laughs. His unnervingly accurate (I imagine) rendition of Victor Meldrew getting a blowjob was probably the highlight and proved a hit with the audience.

Andy Brough The material needs strengthening a little bit but not a bad gig by any stretch.

The final act of the first part was a comic who's been doing gigs at Malarkey since the year dot, Andy Brough.

Luckily, Andy didn't do the exact same set he's been doing since the year dot. Although the old reliables were still in (the Living In A Box gag and freak yachting accidents) they're still good gags and there was a helping of new material to back it up.

Hils Barker The new stuff showed real promise and proves Andy can write material if he wants to, so more please, Andy!

After the break came one of the more impressive acts I've seen in recent months, Hils Barker.

The set was, for the large part, the same as the first time she played XS Malarkey, but there was some stuff I hadn't heard as well. That said, the material itself is excellent, with some well-written lines and a superb musical finale, the faux-Spanish song with The Amazing Mr Smith English sayings probably the highlight.

A great set, slightly spoiled by the fact there was no amplification for the acoustic guitar (I don't think we had a D.I. box for the PA). Even a cheap practice amp would improve things, Hils - don't be stingy!

The Amazing Mr Smith headlined the show and as you can see from the pictures he's a total and utter musical fruitloop.

The Amazing Mr Smith The material, although amusing enough, takes second place to the visuals, as it's the DIY instruments that really make the act what it is - unique.

I've never seen Smithy have a bad gig once but this one was slightly less hysterical than previous ones. Perhaps some of the regulars already know what he's all about. Nevertheless it was still a good gig and a fitting way to end the night.

The Amazing Mr Smith The Amazing Mr Smith

See you next week.