"Ladies and Gentlemen - I give you The Tampoon!"

Comedy Q Comedy Q was first to take the Malarkey stage, and delivered a much improved performance.

Q has clearly been studying his material and has stripped it down into a competent five. The delivery is getting better too, although his timing still needs work.

Overall a big improvement on his last Malarkey gig. Good work fella.

Marjorie Ferry gave another solid performance. Marjorie Ferry

Marjorie's amenable persona and confident delivery instantly puts the audience at ease with what she is doing. She is certainly not afraid to come off script and chat, or even, chat up the audience members and that's where the strength lies.

The material, however, is a little too predictable. More surprises and twists are needed. Also, the set was too long.

Andy Richardson Next up was Andy Richardson, who baffled me a little at first.

I didn't, and still don't, get the use of the dressing gown. I was chatting to Andy for a while afterwards, and apparently he has done the act with and without the gown, and always found it goes over better with. I found it a little distracting as I was waiting for a character to build.

That said, what a brilliant act. Quirky material backed up by A1 delivery and impeccable timing. One to watch. Act of the night for me.

James Cook After Andy came James Cook - another fine performance from the Frodo Baggins look a like.

Great material from start to finish. Twisted tales from an articulate comic. All in his laid back fashion.

He did seem a little distracted on Tuesday though, almost as if his mind wasn't quite on the job. Still a great performance.

Headlining the night was Dave Williams and it was an almost flawless performance from the local lad.

Dave Williams The material works brilliantly and the banter is getting much better. Sometimes surreal, sometimes haphazard, Dave's keen observations and twisted tales are an absolute delight. Combine that with his confident and amenable persona and well-timed delivery, and you have all the ingredients of a fantastic headliner. Proof of the pudding? A storming headline set.

See you next week.