Fartpipe fireworks...

Mark Langley Another great night at the Malarkey, the final one before the Christmas break, and first onto the stage, making his debut at Bar XS, was Mark Langley.

Mark has some uncannily accurate impressions which the crowd loved. However, impressions are all well and good but is there material to make it funny? Luckily the answer is yes. He started off with a few awful gags (but ones which you'll probably tell at work anyway), followed by some proper material and excellent impressions.

Mark Palmer Mark was confident and laid back on stage and the crowd enjoyed it. Well done.

Another XS debut next, this time from Mark Palmer.

Mark had a pretty solid debut and the crowd seemed up for it. There were one or two gags which you could either see coming or fell a bit flat but for the main it was pretty good stuff - the bit about Monday nights at The Ritz being particularly amusing.

Don Dube So a good, solid debut from Mark, I'm sure he'll be back before long.

Canadian Don Dube made his debut after the break.

Don delivered some excellent material in an energetic and enthusiastic way which added to the whole set. The material, amongst other things, comprised of Don's opinions and experience of the British and living in London. There was bits about himself too, including a bit about being on the Jerry Springer Show, which was particularly good. The crowd loved it and hopefully Don did as well.

Jonathan Paylor There was a seriously dizzy tart at the bar who wouldn't shut the fuck up, but unfortunately she and her mates left before Chris Lynam came on. Shame, she'd have made a great 'volunteer'.

After the break came the main support act of the night, local lad and Malarkey favourite Jonathan Paylor.

Jon did much of his usual set consisting of witty observations and anecdotes, the highlight for me was his material about being gay and liking football, and trying to keep it a secret from his gay friends. Top stuff. There was also a bit on George W Bush too.

Chris Lynam A consistent set from Jonathan, although I wouldn't mind hearing a bit more new material.

Total maniac Chris Lynam headlined the night.

Chris did largely the same manic stuff he's done before at XS Malarkey but this time had a few extra surprises, including the bomb that 'failed' to go off (and then subsequently did, which made a few bowels loosen!) There was, of course, the traditional striptease and firework up the arse, but this time the firework was a dud! However, Chris managed to improvise a new firework from somewhere. There was also a cookery lesson with 'Betty Beattie' - there's nothing quite as threatening as Chris Lynam armed with flour and eggs...

Chris always storms it and tonight was no exception. A bizarre and bonkers set but always hilarious, especially the audience participation bits. They were terrified!

Chris Lynam Chris Lynam

Chris Lynam

A good night to end the year on, see you after the Christmas break.