"Look at that - clown spunk."

Geoff Taylor Another stonking night at the Malarkey on Tuesday and off to a good start with the cheeky chipmunk of comedy, Don Estelle lookalike and erstwhile Milky Bar Kid Geoff Taylor, dispensing his creamy white goodness.

Geoff had some new material to try out, including stuff about the Stop The War protest in London, and most of it hit the mark. There were some decent punchlines, and there probably would have been more had Geoff not forgotten half his set! Although to be fair he'd only just come up with it so fair enough. So, a good set altogether, proving than Geoff is a prolific writer.

Adam Cadwell

Next up was comedy youngster Adam Cadwell, also with some new material.

Some of it he'd tried out on his previous gig but it didn't work brilliantly then. However, he'd tightened it up somewhat and improved it. There was also some material he'd not done at Malarkey's before, which was decent enough for the main part, although a the waffle needs to be snipped in places.

The highlight of the set was probably the 'beat poetry' which simply involved reading random words from the Dyslexic's Dictionary. A simple idea, but effective.

Louise Stevenson Next up on the Malarkey stage was Glasweigian comic Louise Stevenson.

Louise got a fair few laughs and there were some decent punchlines in places but the material needs to be strengthened in places. The main criticism I have - and I find this with other comics - is that excessive laughing at your own gags is rather offputting, usually because it doesn't come across at convincing.

That apart, the set was okay, with some decent gags, but generally it was a bit hit and miss I'm afraid.

Kevin Precious After the break, however, came a comic who I personally think is underrated, Kevin Precious.

Kevin's set was pretty much a similar (but shorter) set as last time, but it's quality material, delivered in a laid back style, with some great turns of phrase. Clever observations and anecdotes got a warm response from the crowd, especially when he got into full flow.

Highlight of the set for me was the material about the headmaster at his school and the 'unfortunate note' in assembly - brilliant stuff. A good set from Kevin, and a shame he had to cut the set a bit short due to time.

Pete Mad Next on was someone who truly lived up to his name - Pete Mad.

I'd never seen Pete before and thought anyone with 'Mad' in their name is probably one of these "I'm a bit wacky, a bit zany" comedians who are loud rather than funny. I was pleasantly surprised, however, to discover that Pete was nothing short of brilliant.

Pete's act consisted of tricks such as balloon sword swallowing, fire breathing and gymnastics but had plenty of gags in there. The delivery was flawless and there was audience banter as well.

The highlight was probably the bit you can see in the photo - and it was at this point I realised I've taken pictures of three separate comics with fireworks up their arses on the Malarkey stage... Not many people can lay claim to that.

So, a great set, thoroughly entertaining, and something a bit different from the norm. Comic of the night? I think he just about edged it over Coggers.

Ian Cognito

And speaking of Coggers - the man himself, Ian Cognito.

Coggers is one of the few comics I've seen that really knows how to rant, but makes it funny as well. He's certainly not scared to talk about supposedly taboo subjects, and he really knows how to control the crowd.

I don't think it was the best I've ever seen him but it was still impressive to see him in full flow. Nice to see a comic say what they mean without mincing words (but make it funny as well).

A good night all round, the highlight for me being Pete Mad. See you next week.